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My name is David Watts.  I am the principal consultant of Two Steps Forward Consulting.  On this page I’d like to tell you a little about my professional and personal background.

My passion and purpose in life is to actively assist other people to realise their full potential.  I’ve had many great leaders in my career and I know that sometimes just giving someone a chance and the skills to develop, is all they need to make a huge difference to theirs and the lives of others.

I offer no obligation face-to-face chats or over the phone to establish where I can best work with a client.  If I don’t feel I can add value, or your requirements are outside my skill-set, I will say so up-front.  I am also connected as an associate with Thought;Connect Group in Adelaide, as well as being connected with other consultants across Australia, so am confident that I can find broad and innovative solutions across my network.

I welcome you to make contact with me if you consider I can help you in some way.  

Career overview:

David Watts

My career has seen me exposed to some of Australia’s largest and most successful companies – all leaders in their categories and all with market leading brands in their portfolios.  Companies such as David Jones, Gillette, Arnott’s Biscuits, Diageo, Lion and CUB have all given me the skills and tools that I now draw from and utilise in my professional toolkit with my clients.

Skills such as Culture, Capability, Strategy, Operations, and Leadership are the key themes that capture what I offer my clients, using a variety of methods that ensure the best outcomes are achieved.

The business story:

Two Steps Forward Consulting 

I started Two Steps Forward Consulting primarily to assist businesses in gaining the best outcomes for their people and their businesses through the implementation of strategic plans, goals and focus areas that positively impact Culture, Team, Leadership and Capability.

When I made the decision to leave the corporate world, I had a vision to work with businesses who have yet to focus on, or have yet to see the benefits of, developing systems, tools, procedures and skills that result in strong leaders, effective and capable teams, and overall positive cultures, all benefitting the business operations overall.

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