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How Two Steps Forward Consulting can help you and your business

My overarching mission is to be an enabling influence for my clients and their employees to achieve their full potential.

The focus of my work lies in three main areas:

  1. Strategic business planning
  2. Leadership skills development
  3. Team cohesion and development

However, in working with my clients I adopt an holistic approach and I use an underpinning set of tools which I explain in more detail here. 

Human Synergistics



1: Would you like to become a more effective leader, or lead a team of leaders who are or aiming towards being the best they can be?

2: Would you like to create a more effective team that makes great decisions and is highly effective every time they meet?

3: Would you like to understand the impact that your behaviour has on others?

Through the use of the Human Synergistics tools, you and your teams will develop important skills and strategies, through understanding the barriers that are preventing you and your team in being the best they can be.

The Human Synergistics LSI tool has been designed over many years using global and local research to assist us, as leaders, understand more about our thoughts and behaviours, as a way to give us feedback into our strengths and development areas as leaders and business owners. A desirable outcome of using the LSI as a leader, or the leader of leaders, is the execution of an action plan designed to get the best out of you!

The Human Synergistics GSI tool has undergone the same level of rigour and research as the LSI, but is designed to help teams be more effective when they meet, make decisions, and deliver business outcomes.  No matter the team, the GSI tool will help any team understand their strengths and pain-points and assist in action planning for future success.

As an Accredited Practitioner,  David is able to introduce you and your team to Human Synergistics’ LSI and GSI tools.  

To find out more about how these tools can assist you and your team, please visit the Contact page and drop us a note, or visit the Human Synergistics website at: www.human-synergistics.com.au

Strategic Business Planning

Why is Strategic Business Planning important?

No matter the size of your business, Strategic Business Planning is a crucial process to work through, as it assists in helping you and others understand critical elements of the business you are part of, including the purpose, the goals, the barriers and pathways for success.  Everyone in the business can then understand why the business exists.

What is Strategic Business Planning?

Strategic Business Planning is a series of meetings or workshops that are designed to elicit key information from the owners and/or leaders of the business relating to as many aspects of the business as possible.  This often includes a SWOT analysis, along with a review of financials, human resources, products, services, and marketing.

How does Strategic Business Planning help me?

In business, it’s very easy to become distracted by a new product, service or opportunity, that may have nothing to add to the core offering of your business.  The existence of a Strategic Business Plan allows you to review what it is your business is aiming to achieve and whether this new product, service or opportunity supports or hinders your plan.

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